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MotoTec Pro 48V/13Ah 1600W Lithium Electric Dirt Bike
Justin Brooks (Texas, United States)
Amazing bike!

Bought for my son’s 10th birthday and he will not get off of it. Worth every penny!

Thank you!

Thanks for your review Justin! Glad to hear that your son is loving his new electric dirt bike :)

Got what I expected

Great customer service

Thanks for your review Ian! Glad that you are happy with your purchase :)

Hiboy P6 48V/13Ah 750W Fat Tire Electric Bike
Jeff Feaster (Idaho, United States)
Arrived safely

Nice bike, love it

Thanks for your review Jeff! Glad that you are happy with your new e-bike :)

Exway Wave Battery
Anonymous (Connecticut, United States)
“Excellent Support and Functioning Product”

I initially had issues with the battery, but after following the detailed instructions provided by the support team, everything is now working perfectly. Their customer service was prompt and extremely helpful in resolving the problem. I’m very satisfied with the product and the support I received. Highly recommended!

ENGWE Y600 48V/18.2Ah 600W Electric Scooter
Erik Smith (California, United States)

I received my order in 2 days!! Didn’t expect that. This scooter is a beast. And worth more than what I paid. Very tight with no rattles. Much more powerful than expected. And came out of the box in perfect condition. It would be helpful to have more info on the TF100 throttle to change the settings, I.e, change from km to mph. But found that on YouTube. Overall I’m very pleased with Engwe Y600. Thanks!!

Thanks for your review Erik! Glad you were able to find the information you needed. Enjoy your new e-scooter :)

NANROBOT N6 72V/30Ah 3000W Electric Scooter
Corey Johnson (New York, United States)
Nanrobot N6

Excellent scooter leaps and bounds past the d43.0+

Thanks for your review Corey! The N6 72V is definitely a big upgrade from the D4+ 3.0. Enjoy it :)

MotoTec Venom 72V/50Ah 3000W Electric Dirt Bike
Kyle Devereaux (Utah, United States)
So Fun!

This bike is amazing!!! In the world of electric and not paying over $10k, I would take this bike over any. The acceleration is amazing! This is built like a real motocross bike to withstand jumps and dirt riding.

Now I will caution all, the bike comes with no Instructions and needs to be put together, but that is just the front wheel and handle bars. Any average Joe with basic car and bike mechanics can do this in about 45 minutes. The hardest part I had was finding the charging port and then learning they didn’t connect the bike power to the motor. Both are easy to find once you know where they are. Charging port is under the front right side and the power connect on the left.

After that it is all power and a blast, literally!!

Thanks so much for your review! Enjoy the acceleration and power of the MotoTec Venom :)

Hiboy KS4 Pro 36V/11.6Ah 500W Electric Scooter
Todd Stern (Texas, United States)

love it so far! great price and great service!

Thanks for your review Todd! I hope you continue to enjoy your Hiboy KS4 Pro electric scooter :)

MotoTec Pro 48V/13Ah 1600W Lithium Electric Dirt Bike
Rob purdy (Montana, United States)
MotoTec 48v Pro

I ordered 3 bikes from Electric Ride Co. Communication was great on getting these ordered. Bikes shipped fast, no damage to the bike and easy to put together.

Thanks for your review Rob! Hope your kids are enjoying the 3 bikes you ordered. We appreciate your business :)

MotoTec Pro 48V/13Ah 1600W Lithium Electric Dirt Bike
Omri Cohen (California, United States)
Best guys to buy from!!

You can find the same product in other sites but Guy and Angelica made the difference. They came up with Great customer service - efficient and professional. They answered to all of my questions.
Thank you for a great buying experience!!

Thanks for your review Omri! Great to see the photo of your son enjoying his new electric dirt bike :)

NANROBOT N6 72V/30Ah 3000W Electric Scooter
Justin Barry (Texas, United States)
Great scoot

Great fast and good customer service

Thanks for your review Justin! Hope you continue to enjoy your Nanrobot N6 72V :)

SoverSky MH3 60V/40Ah 4000W Electric Scooter
JOHN WEAVER (Ohio, United States)
Great looking scooter

I'm having people asking me if they can try it.

Thanks for your review John! The MH3 is indeed a good looking scooter. Enjoy it :)

NANROBOT N6 72V/30Ah 3000W Electric Scooter
Darrow Miller (Iowa, United States)

Love everything except the screen, it has zero visibility on a sunny day

Thanks for your review Darrow! Glad that you are loving your N6 72V e-scooter. I will pass your feedback regarding the screen on to Nanrobot.

NANROBOT N6 72V/30Ah 3000W Electric Scooter
Bruce Vega (Pennsylvania, United States)
Nanrobot N6 72v

The best form of release ever invented. The machine is amazing. Response is there . It's a addiction that is very hard to shake. Everyone should try at least once

Thanks for your review Bruce! Glad to hear that you are enjoying your Nanrobot N6 72V e-scooter. It's an addiction that's hard to shake, but at least it's a healthy one :)


Buying this bike will be the worst financial mistake of your life. “but iT’s OnLy $999”
False. It was actually only $949 with discount code. That’s not the issue though, the real problem is now I have to buy one for myself and my wife because they are so rad. That’s 3k! Not to mention my boys are hooked for life now which will mean they will need bigger bikes in the future and they are not so cheap. And don’t forget gear. This isn’t a toy, it’s a real dirtbike. It has a bunch of torque and without modifying anything it does 28 out of the box. Buy your kids a real helmet, not one from temu, not a skateboard helmet, a real helmet. This sport is dangerous enough, don’t make your odds worse by wearing a cheap helmet. No amount of savings is worth risking your brain or your child’s. Helmet. Boots. Neck brace/donut. Gloves.
This bike is extremely well priced for what you get. It’s sturdy enough as is, but if you want to ride it like you stole it, replacement and aftermarket parts and accessories are cheap and readily available. It also looks like a real dirtbike and not like a knockoff piece of junk, like most other Mx style e-bikes, not naming brands but the one made by a scooter company, bleh. If you’re on the fence, just pull out your credit card and order it. Don’t think. Just order it. This is your sign. See you at the track🤙🏼

Haha thanks for your reivew Jordan! Glad that your whole family is enjoying the MotoTec Pro 48V electric dirt bike. Good advice on buying proper safety gear.

MotoTec Pro 48V/13Ah 1600W Lithium Electric Dirt Bike
Steven Glockner (British Columbia, Canada)
Good for the money spent

Had to run a tap through some threads to get the handlebars mounted but then the rest of the assembly went well. I has good power and feels like a good build, but the throttle response is weird I will replace the throttle and controller. The battery did not last as hoped, it was 21km on a charge under high usage with a 110 lbs rider.

Thanks for your review Steven! Glad that you feel the Pro 48V is good value for money and hope you enjoy it.

MotoTec Thunder 50cc 2-Stroke Kids Gas Dirt Bike
Ryan Murray (California, United States)

Great company. Fast response, very professional. Thank you.

Thanks for your review Ryan! Hope your son continues to enjoy his MotoTec Thunder electric dirt bike :)

MotoTec Pro 36V/10Ah 1000W Lithium Electric Dirt Bike
Michael Schuster (Illinois, United States)

Bike seems to made well overall. basically what you would expect for the price. Moto Tech should defiantly be using better hardware & parts.

Thanks for your review Michael! I hope you will find that the MotoTec Pro 36V offers good value for the price and that your son enjoys his new electric dirt bike :)


That’s amazing board, I’ve never feel those emotions!!! Thank you guys, you are awesome!!!

Thanks for your review Kirill! Awesome to hear how pumped you are with your Atlas Pro 4WD (Gear Drivetrain). Enjoy :)

MotoTec Pro 36V/10Ah 1000W Lithium Electric Dirt Bike
C.E. (South Carolina, United States)
Bike that puts a smile on my little boy's face!

Couldn't be happier with our MotoTec bike and really happy that I chose to get it from Electric Ride Co. Guy was amazing to work with and was extremely helpful answering questions as well as making sure to keep me updated along the way. Would 100% recommend Electric Ride Co. to anyone!

Thanks a lot for your review Christian! Glad to see that your son is enjoying his new electric dirt bike :)

MotoTec Gazella 24V/12Ah 500W Electric Dirt Bike
Laura Shepherd (North Carolina, United States)
Love it!!!

This is a wonderful electric dirtbike for my 10-year-old son. We are not allowed to have gas dirt bikes in our neighborhood, so this was a perfect alternative. He was surprised by how fast it went, loves the way that it looks and loves that it has an actual key to start it. It’s a very substantial little bike, and he loves it.

Thanks for your review Laura! Glad to hear that your son is loving his Gazella e-dirt bike :)

MotoTec Pro 48V/13Ah 1600W Lithium Electric Dirt Bike
Shane Zibinski (California, United States)
48V 1600

Great first bike for my daughter to get the hang of riding a dirt bike before we upgrade.

Thanks for your review Shane! Glad that this dirt bike is working out well for your daughter :)

MotoTec Pro 48V/13Ah 1600W Lithium Electric Dirt Bike
JOSEPH HUGHES (North Carolina, United States)

Angelica was great and Electric ride was good but we have had several issues with the Dirt bikes ..

Hi Joseph. Sorry to hear that you've had issues with your Pro 48V electric dirt bikes. Please send an email to and we will try to assist. Regards, Angelica

MotoTec Pro 48V/13Ah 1600W Lithium Electric Dirt Bike
Richard Wagner (Georgia, United States)
Great Bike

I purchased the bike for my grandson, and he loves it. His dad likes being able to use the settings knobs to tune the bike's power to the rider's abilities. Electric Ride offered the bike a great price that included shipping.

Thanks for your review Richard! Glad that your grandson is loving his new e-dirt bike :)

MotoTec Pro 48V/13Ah 1600W Lithium Electric Dirt Bike
Cheyenne S. (California, United States)
So fun!

This was bought for my 13yr old son & I was a little worried about getting it built but it was so simple to build & on my own! It was this packaged great & got to us quickly too!
He has a great time riding it & loves it!

Thanks for your review Cheyenne! Glad to hear that it was easy for you to assemble and that your son is loving his new e-dirt bike :)